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‘Badi Moochh Wala’ Collection


‘Moochh Nahi Toh Kuch Nahi’ is a commonly used phrase in India. Here, moustache is a considered to be a sign of honour, vitality and pride for men. In the olden days, men wore a moustache, which was a significant part of their personality and portrayed their character.

In Bollywood movies too, moustaches have been found very popular, among both – villains and cops alike. This particular collection is a tribute to the famous Indian moustaches.

You can enliven your daily wear casuals with the stylish tote bags and trendy laptop bags bearing big and colourful images of rustic Indian men sporting big moustaches.

Cushion covers with vibrant colours and caricature images of big moustached men, will add spunk and life to your home décor.

You can also add a few laughs to your coffee conversations with the funky ‘muchhad’ coffee mugs. Read funny shout outs like ‘Buri Moochh Wale Tera Mooh Kaala’, ‘Teja Main Hoon, Moochh Idhar Hai’ and more on these interesting mugs.

Available on our e-store and the following outlets –
Mumbai – PM Road, High Street Phoenix, Inorbit Mall Malad, Inorbit Mall Vashi
Pune – MG Road, Phoenix Marketcity Mall
Bangalore – Indiranagar, 1 MG Road Mall



‘Mucchad Ho Toh Aisa’ Contest


Once again it’s time to have some fun and win exciting prizes. Get ready to tickle and tease your friends on Facebook by pinning funny moustaches on their profile pictures with our ‘Muchhad Ho Toh Aisa’ contest. 

In this cool game, all you need to do is select a friend from your Facebook contacts and decide which moustache would look the funniest on them. You can even give a suitable caption along with the picture which will get posted on your and your friend’s timeline.

To make this even more interesting, we are giving out two coffee mugs each, to three lucky winners. So, boys and girls…moocch lagao and win away!

Don’t delay, because good things may not always come to those who wait. You can also read the terms and conditions of the contest here. 


Also, check out our latest collection of ‘Muchhad’ fashion and home styling accessories, inspired by the big moustaches of traditional Indian men.

Art for the Fashionable Soul!


‘Art is Life’, and we have every reason to stick to it. And why not, since India is blessed with a rich and diverse art heritage. So, each time we bring you a new collection, inspired by an interesting new art form.

Let’s introduce you to soul touching, ‘Mandala Art’. The Mandala (Sanskrit for ‘circle’ or ‘completion’) has a long history for its spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness. Mandala Art offers a powerful way to self-discovery and healing through the use of imagery, symbolism and color, as interpreted by your subconscious mind. 

The Mandalas you see on this collection are the ‘Peace Chakra’, ‘Cosmic Chakra’, ‘Gateway’ and some more. So, what you get when art flirts with fashion is an outstanding range of sling bags, tote bags and planners stimulated with the power of the Mandalas. Flaunt away!

Also, you can bring the positivity of these Mandalas into your homes, with a range of home décor accessories like – lamps and cushion covers.

We invite you to come and re-discover, your love for artistic fashion!

Available at ‘The Bombay Store’:

Mumbai (PM Road- Fort, High Street Phoenix, Inorbit Malad , Inorbit Vashi)

Pune (MG Road)


Lighting Up Your World!


One of the easiest ways to light up a dark corner in any room or to add some stylish atmospheric lighting to your living-room area, is to place your choice of lamps.

Lamps, today are available in numerous designs, shapes, colors, dimensions and lighting abilities. They are one of the most convenient methods we have, to alter the lighting tone of a room. In fact, the lighting used in a room, is what completes the look of a house or improves the room’s decoration, by giving it the feeling one is looking for.

You can create a dim, sombre look in the room with small floor lamps or give a bright studio look with a tall standing lamp.

In our collection, you will find a mix of classy Indian lamps and modern coloured lamps too. So you can brighten up your bed-side tables with an interesting coloured lamp, that will diffuse dim light at night and create a soothing atmosphere for you.


Also, add a classy touch to your coffee table seating with a ethnic fabric-based lamp. Place a pair of your favourite lamps, on either sides of your living room couch for a designer décor feel.

So drop in at our stores, to light up your world with beautiful lamps!

Available at ‘The Bombay Store’:

Mumbai (PM Road, Inorbit Mall Vashi, High Street Phoenix)

Pune (MG Road, Inorbit Mall, Phoenix Market City)

Bangalore (1 MG Road, Indiranagar)

Colour Dance…Coming Soon!


‘The right stroke of colour can help paint magic into your life’ would be agreed as a non exaggerated statement, when you meet Amisha Mehta, a Graduate in applied arts, a Colour Therapist & an excellent Painter. In collaboration with ‘The Bombay Store’, Amisha Mehta will bring forth the healing powers of colours through “Colour Dance”.

‘Colour Dance’ is a showcase of paintings that one can add to their surroundings – at home and at work to create a sense of well-being and wholesomeness. Feel the tranquility of blue, the warmth of yellow and the power of red in your lives.


Amisha will also be conducting a workshop at The Bombay Store, Fort, Mumbai on February 22, which will be an interactive session about the importance of colours and their healing powers. To add gold to this glory, few of her paintings and home styling accessories will also be available for sale from February 18 to 27, 2013 at the store. If you are redecorating your home and want to know how colours can make a positive difference to your interior décor, drop in and meet Amisha.

Adding about this initiative, MD of The Bombay Store, Mr.Asim Dalal says “Colours can have a therapeutic impact on our moods and mind, if used rightly. With Amisha’s colour therapy workshop and paintings, we want to help our customers use colours to their advantage, and create an aura of happiness and a state of well-being around them.”

So, join us on this artistic dance of the colours to create some magic.

Venue: The Bombay Store, Sir PM Road, Fort, Mumbai

Dates: February 18 to 27, 2013

Contact: 022- 40669999

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