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Launchpad presents Shopping Bonanza!


‘Launchpad’ is once again proud to present two young and quirky brands ‘All Things Sofeez’ and ‘Inspirasia’.

As you know, this initiative was started to help launch new and upcoming designers and brands, with creative products and unique offerings.

Since its start in April, the Launchpad has successfully showcased six exciting start-ups like Forty Red Bangles, Nomad Bags, Turquoise Footwear, Periwinkle Home Couture, Soul Works, Item Number. And now it is the time to add two more names to the roster.

‘Inspirasia’, the brainchild of product designer and interior stylist, Neelu Juneja promises to bring you something vintage and something quirky. Their range of fancy tableware, fashion accessories, home styling accessories are both blingy and trendy. It is simply perfect if you’re looking to make a home that is young and stylish.

What ‘All Things Sofeez’ brings to the table is style and fashion. A vibrant collection of timeless classics for young and fashionable girls – mojdis, fashion jewelry, bags and a lot more. Their products are handmade by the long forgotten artisans of the Indian Handicrafts industry. So with every product that you buy, you become your friend’s envy, and get blessings from the poor artisans.

Drop in from 20th to 29th June at our Fort store to catch these young brands and revel in the world of shopping. See you there!

The Bombay Store Ki Chhatri is Back!

Amidst the dark shades of grey that we see around us in monsoons, there are a few strokes of colour that paint the nature’s canvas bright!

The sight of a crimson umbrella, a pair of yellow boots or a child wearing a blue raincoat is all it takes to make the scene outside, picturesque. That is the magic of colours.

So, to add a touch of red and blue to your monochrome monsoon, we bring you a range of trendy umbrellas, using all the hues of the Indian pallet.


Tomorrow morning when you strut down the wet streets of your city, make sure you give someone else a reason to say- Oh, what a beautiful umbrella!

Grab one of our designer umbrellas before they stock out, because they tend to do that. All designs are available in 2 fold and 3 fold options and the prices start at Rs.625. Drop in at any of our stores or order online at Happy Monsoon folks!

Launchpad presents another hit “Item Number”

They say ‘One good Turn Deserves Another’. Following this rule, we’ve taken six good turns, one behind another.

Here’s how…

Our recent and very successful initiative ‘Launchpad’, has endeavoured to help young new brands and designers, showcase their creations to all of The Bombay Store’s elite clientele.

Having launched five new brands since April, it is now the turn of a very young, vibrant and kitschy brand ‘Item Number’.


The rationale behind the name “Item Number” is just how an over-the-top, item song in a Bollywood flick uplifts even a boring movie, their brand spices up, glamorizes and boosts the style quotient of the Indian fashion scene.

Their bold and daring designs are inspired from yesteryear silver-screen icons, retro blockbusters, hit on-screen couples, cheeky dialogues, and more.

Drop in anytime from 7th to 15th June to witness this dramatic display of fashion accessories and home décor. You’re also invited to enjoy some ‘Chat, Chaat & Chai’ with the designers of Item Number, on 7th June from 5 to 7pm at The Bombay Store, PM Road, Fort, Mumbai.

Launchpad Contact:
Phone: 022 – 40318888

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