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106 Years Of Decorating Your Homes & Lives!


We have come a long way in the last 106 years. It has been a memorable journey, adding new product lines, launching new stores and welcoming more members on our team!

We began with the philosophy to set up a chain of ‘lifestyle’ retail stores, in this fast paced market of organized retail. Asim Dalal, Managing Director of The Bombay Store remnisces, “The Bombay Store started as a store to promote handicrafts and handloom, and over a period of time it has evolved to become a treasure trove for all things Indian.”

As times changed, the needs of our customers evolved, thus urging us to showcase our products in a new light. So with the changing times, the classic look had to take a new twist. As our tagline suggests – ‘Discover a New India’, we try to bring a slice from every part of India with a contemporary touch. 

We always endeavour to provide the best and widest product range to our customers through high levels of customer service. We give them an experience that they look forward to. For us, offering discounts isn’t our ‘marketing strategy’ but it stems from the desire to cater to our customers’ needs and giving them more opportunities to shop with us. 

This year, we invite you to join the celebration of our 106th Anniversary, with a ‘Winter Shopping Festival’ of shawls, stoles and scarves, all available at irresistible prices. Buy 1, get 10% off, Buy 2, get 15% off and Buy 3 or more, get 20% off.


Come & Celebrate 106 years of our success!




‘The Bombay Store’ invites the young artists of Mumbai, to come and join us for a ‘Christmas Special’ fun and laughter-packed evening of colours, paper and ofcourse lots of laughs!

Ms.Devangi Jhaveri, the event organizer and professional coach in children’s art and craft, will be conducting a ‘Paper Collage Art’ workshop and competition. Children and teens can attend the workshop and thereafter compete under two age groups: 9 – 11 yrs and 12- 15 yrs.

All the children attending this workshop can look forward to taking home some exciting gifts from ‘The Bombay Store’. Also, the winners of the competition, two from each age group, will win prizes too.

Parents can accompany their art geniuses and while the kids are busy showing off their artistic skills, parents can treat themselves to a FLAT 10% off on all products at the store. Now, this is what we call a Christmas party for all.

The children need to carry- 1 fevicol glue tube, child-friendly scissors, sketch pens, colour pencils, crayons and exam boards.

You may contact us and drop in a registration mail at –

Venue: The Bombay Store, Western India House, Near Flora Fountain, Sir PM Road, Fort, Mumbai – 400001.

Contact no.: 022-40669999

Date & Time: Saturday, December 15, 2012, from 3.45pm to 5.45 pm


Mughal-e-Awzome : Royalty at its best!


When the royal Mughal family travel through time to visit the present day Mumbai, they become ‘Mughal-e-Awzome’.

A timeless collection of fashion accessories and tableware, inspired by the artistic motifs and patterns of the great Mughal era, set against the backdrop of modern day Mumbai.  You will find, vibrantly coloured royal couples, royal horse carriages etc. set across a contrasting, monochromatic setup of the streets of Mumbai.

Imagine the great Mughals at the iconic places in Mumbai like The Gateway of India, Marine Drive, street shops, chai walas, local bus stands et al.

You can add a touch of contemporary art to your Home Décor with these jazzy cushion covers and wall décor frames. Or even bring a taste of royalty to your kitchenware with coffee mugs, coasters, and shot glasses with beautiful designs from Mughal art.


For the fashionistas, we have a range of designer laptop bags, I-pad covers, coin pouches, hand bags, messenger bags and more, to add glamour to your daily wear.


You can browse through and buy this collection online at The Bombay Store – Mughal-E-Awzome

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