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‘Badi Moochh Wala’ Collection


‘Moochh Nahi Toh Kuch Nahi’ is a commonly used phrase in India. Here, moustache is a considered to be a sign of honour, vitality and pride for men. In the olden days, men wore a moustache, which was a significant part of their personality and portrayed their character.

In Bollywood movies too, moustaches have been found very popular, among both – villains and cops alike. This particular collection is a tribute to the famous Indian moustaches.

You can enliven your daily wear casuals with the stylish tote bags and trendy laptop bags bearing big and colourful images of rustic Indian men sporting big moustaches.

Cushion covers with vibrant colours and caricature images of big moustached men, will add spunk and life to your home décor.

You can also add a few laughs to your coffee conversations with the funky ‘muchhad’ coffee mugs. Read funny shout outs like ‘Buri Moochh Wale Tera Mooh Kaala’, ‘Teja Main Hoon, Moochh Idhar Hai’ and more on these interesting mugs.

Available on our e-store and the following outlets –
Mumbai – PM Road, High Street Phoenix, Inorbit Mall Malad, Inorbit Mall Vashi
Pune – MG Road, Phoenix Marketcity Mall
Bangalore – Indiranagar, 1 MG Road Mall




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