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‘Corporate Gifting Solutions’ by The Bombay Store


The Bombay Store is proud to launch a complete range of ‘Corporate Gifting Solutions’. We are only extending our long legacy and expertise of being India’s foremost destination of gifts and mementos.

We understand that in the recent times Corporate Gifting has become an essential part of a company’s image and its relationship with its clients and business associates. Festivals, celebrations, corporate functions and formal release of new products are a few occasions when gifts and giveaways become vital.

To help you choose the perfect gift for the occasion at hand, we have a team of experts to guide you through the various gifting options, and also personalisation and customization of gifts. You can choose from a wide variety of Home Décor Items, Artifacts, Luxury Styling Accessories, Designer Stationery, Exotic Indian Teas, Gift Hampers and more.

For larger orders, we specially source the gifts from all over India, to suit the needs and budgets of our clients.

You can also partner with us for your long term gifting needs and register for our ‘Corporate Membership’ to enjoy a host of additional discounts and benefits. Read more

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