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How to Accessorize with a Shawl, Stole or Scarf!

Your favourite time of the year is back folks! The Bombay Store is back with its irresistible offer on Shawls, Stoles & Scarves. Buy 1 & Get 10% off, Buy 2 & Get 15% off, Buy 3 and more & Get 20% off!

Offer on Shawls, Stoles & Scarves Approved

Night or day, dressy or casual; shawls, stoles & scarves are showing up everywhere. So you can too drape them anytime, anywhere to make a unique fashion statement. To help you get that perfect look, here are some ways how you can accessorize with a Shawl, Stole or Scarf.

  • The Modern One Loop

The easiest & stylish of them all – The Modern one loop. To get this look, Drape your stole or shawl over shoulder, with one end slightly longer than the other end. Loop the longer end around your neck once.  Adjust loop over neck and balance out the ends.

  • The Simple Knotted Style

Also known as the European look, this Simple Knotted Style looks so chic. All you have to do is:
Fold the scarf in half lengthwise. Drape folded scarf over shoulder, with the non-folded end significantly longer than the folded end. Fit the non-folded end into the loop created by the folded end and tighten.

  • The Infinity Drape

The Infinity drape may look a bit complicated but once you get through, we are sure you won’t leave this look for days to come. Drape your stole over shoulder so that both ends are equidistant. At the very bottom of both ends, tie an overhand knot. Tie another overhand knot to ensure that the first knot does not slip. Take the loop (shaped like an “O”) and twist it so that it’s shaped like an “8”.Drape the bottom loop of the “8” over your head.

  • The Unique Look

This is the most stylish & the latest ongoing trend. To get this look, tuck your scarf or stole under a belt over a plain tee and let the scarf do wonders for you.

  • Hair Accessory

Not only can you accessorize your scarf as a clothing, but also as a hair accessory. You can wrap your scarf around a messy bun for a look that will definitely make you stand out. Not only this, you can also wear it as a adorable headband.

Shawls, Stoles & Scarves have certainly evolved over the years and are a fashion must have for any season or occasion. So do visit The Bombay Store to shop for stylish scarves and stoles from our latest collection & avail this irresistible discount.

Launchpad presents Quirky January

With the onset of the New Year, we are back with yet another new & amazing Launchpad brands. Get ready to give yourself & your home a dazzling look with vivid accessories by Moksha Shots, Soulscapes & Full Circle.

Moksha Shots

Moksha Shots is a lifestyle brand of Pop Art products based on Jenny Bhatt’s Visual Art – Moksha Shots. The brands product range consists of limited edition T-shirts, iPhone cases, Art Toys, Notebooks, Playing Cards, Coasters and Mouse pads.

Display Date: 8th January to 8th February

moksha shots


Say hello to a soulful lifestyle & infuse positive energy in your home with Soulscapes. The product range of Soulscapes consists of Digital Mandala & Yantra paintings; lifestyle products like cushion cases, meditation mats, bags & coasters; and paper products in the form of books & cards.

Display Date: 15th to 31st January


Full Circle

Full Circle is an autonomous handbag & accessories label based in Mumbai. It is created out of the love for all things fun, chic & elegant, particularly for all those who are youthful & fearless to experiment. Atypical shapes, vibrant fabrics, wearability & drawing inspirations from local people of India are all quintessentially FullCircle. Currently the range includes bags, slings, clutches & ipad covers.

Display Date: 15th to 31st January

Full Circle

Don’t give it a second thought! Visit The Bombay Store now to witness the diverse product range by these brands.

What’s Brewing at The Bombay Store?

New people, New things, New Happiness, New Chances.. The New Year has begun. We hope the Year 2015 decorates your lives with prosperity, good luck & fortune and your home with great embellishments & memories.

But to make this New Year amazing, we are brewing something very special for you.

Tea Fb Cover Pic

Give a fresh start to this Year as The Bombay Store presents to you an all new range of Teas & Tea Accessories! It’s the month of celebrating #Teas at The Bombay Store. So Tea Lovers, get ready to fall in love all over again.

Teas 28th Dec

An array of Teas from Black Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Assorted Tea, Oolong Tea are waiting to be hand picked by you. Not only this, shop for Tea Making Accessories like Finum Tea Control, Digital Teatimer, Glass Teapot on Wooden Stand, Finum Medium Brewing Basket & more that will enhance your Tea Making experience. We have filled our stores with a delightful range of Tea Servewares from Coasters, Table Mats Set, Trays, Napkin Set, Table Cloths, Table Runners & Quirky Mugs. We also have a book to enhance your knowledge on the world’s most popular beverage Tea – The East India Company Book of Tea. It will take you  behind the scenes to relate the story and colourful history of tea. Where it comes from, how they are produced, the true origins of famous blends, the many different ways of drinking tea, the best of the brews; know it all.

Teas 30th Dec

A ‘Tea culture’ is defined by the way tea is made and consumed, by the way the people interact with tea, and by the aesthetics surrounding tea drinking. So lets get together at The Bombay Store this month & create a strong Tea Culture.

Visit now. #NewYearNewBrew

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