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The Great Bombay Store Sale is Back!


It’s the season of sales. So, we decided to bring you a lot of exciting buys with Upto 50% Off at all our stores.

Now you can redecorate your home and give it a fresh look on a budget, give your wardrobe the much needed makeover with all fashion accessories at irresistible prices and load up on gifts for the upcoming celebrations.

We know, you have waited too long to adorn your home with beautiful new cushion covers, artifacts, vintage wall clocks, designer picture frames and more. So now is the time to do it!

Your wardrobe too has been looking forward to some newness. It is craving for trendy new totes, clutches, scarves to add glamour to your everyday wear.

Indulge your mind, body and soul with the spa sets, fragrance candles and designer candle stands and more.

And, if you are looking at a long line of birthdays and weddings ahead, you need a lot of gifts too. Gifts can become an expensive affair. So, save those bucks and load up on gifts during the sale. All of this and more with upto 50% discounts.

It’s Great Buys, Great Discounts, Great Shopping at The Great Bombay Store Sale!

One Day Offer – Sign up to get FLAT 50% OFF!


Folks it doesn’t get easier than this. We are inviting you to a special PREVIEW SALE to enjoy a FLAT 50% OFF and get the best collection before the others reach the stores. 

All you need to do is sign up for our Loyalty Program ‘Shukriya Select’ and wait for your discount code via SMS. Show this discount code at the store and enjoy half prices on all the sale products.

So, get set SIGN UP HERE!

Top 5 Reasons to shop at The Great Bombay Store Sale!

Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again. All your favourite products are coming up for grabs at irresistible prices. It’s going to be upto 50% off at all stores, starting very soon. Also, for the first time ever, we are running a flat 15% off on our entire e-store, except on tea products.


If you’re still not sure why this sale is the best thing that could’ve happened to you, read on…

  1. You have been wanting to redecorate your home with new cushions, lamps, crockery, cutlery etc. but are running low on budgets.
  2. You dream of flaunting new totes, clutches and jhola bags everyday, but it should suit your pocket money.
  3. You have lots of birthdays, weddings and farewell parties lined up, which means shelling out on loads of gifts.
  4. You often find yourself collecting art and souvenirs, at not-so-pocket-friendly prices
  5. You want to pamper yourself with natural and organic skin care and beauty products, but not in a mood to splurge a lot.

Well, if any of this is true for you, don’t deprive yourself anymore because The Great Bombay Store Sale is coming to your rescue this month!

Hum Tum & Monsoon

The trendy, quirky umbrellas of ‘The Bombay Store’ always manage to create a big noise among the young fashion enthusiasts like you. Just like our other collections, our umbrellas too are bright, arty, colourful and trendy.

They are a huge hit in the umbrella market every year and get sold out as soon as they hit the stores. To keep up with this popularity, we bring to you Hum, Tum & Monsoon to more of you excited about these famous umbrellas.

As we endearingly call them ‘The Bombay Store Ki Chhatri’, thanks to our fans the collection has managed to become a popular name across social media platforms. Fashionistas are buying the umbrellas to match their wardrobe, to make a style statement and recommending it to their BFFs as well.

To return the love, we give you a chance to win these cool umbrellas for free. In ‘Hum, Tum & Monsoon’, the essence is the things we like doing during the rains and the people who make it special for us. Long drives, street food, paper boats, all of that and more.

Umbrella app Fb cover

Check our cool app on Facebook wherein you can TAG your friends or name the things which complete the monsoon experience for you. Once you fill in your answers, it gets posted on your page and your friends get a notification.
Try your luck now, while you still have a chance. Click

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