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Art for the Fashionable Soul!


‘Art is Life’, and we have every reason to stick to it. And why not, since India is blessed with a rich and diverse art heritage. So, each time we bring you a new collection, inspired by an interesting new art form.

Let’s introduce you to soul touching, ‘Mandala Art’. The Mandala (Sanskrit for ‘circle’ or ‘completion’) has a long history for its spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness. Mandala Art offers a powerful way to self-discovery and healing through the use of imagery, symbolism and color, as interpreted by your subconscious mind. 

The Mandalas you see on this collection are the ‘Peace Chakra’, ‘Cosmic Chakra’, ‘Gateway’ and some more. So, what you get when art flirts with fashion is an outstanding range of sling bags, tote bags and planners stimulated with the power of the Mandalas. Flaunt away!

Also, you can bring the positivity of these Mandalas into your homes, with a range of home décor accessories like – lamps and cushion covers.

We invite you to come and re-discover, your love for artistic fashion!

Available at ‘The Bombay Store’:

Mumbai (PM Road- Fort, High Street Phoenix, Inorbit Malad , Inorbit Vashi)

Pune (MG Road)


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