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Gudi Padwa Festive Offer & Products!

A host of festivities will be celebrated tomorrow in different ways as the Hindus will welcome the first day of the New Year. Known as Gudi Padwa in Maharashta & Goa, Ugadi in Andhra & Karnataka, and Cheti Chand for the Sindhis; the first day of the Chaitra Month marks the New Year.

To add on to this New Year Glee, we at The Bombay Store have a Festive Offer in-stores. Shop for Rs.5,000/- and above & Get 2x loyalty points! This offer is valid in all the outlets of The Bombay Store across Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore till 22nd March, 2015.

Gudi Padwa Cover Pic 16th March

But that’s not all. We also have some amazing decor products and unique giftables at

  • Home Decor
    Make your humble abode regal and majestic with our Bed Linen, Table Linen, Clocks, Lamps & Lanterns, Boxes and Key Holders.
  • Handicrafts & Artefacts
    Our Handicrafts & Artefacts consists a huge variety of products that not only qualify for thoughtful gifting items but can also be used to deck up your home. Select from a variety of Idols & Figurines, Wall Hangings, Wooden Boxes, Paintings, Frames, Wall Clocks, Letter Holder, Marble Artefacts, Brass Artefacts and Enamelware
  • Kitchen & Tableware
    Serve your guests in our delightful collection of Platters. We also have a wide range of Colourful Trays, Mugs and Coasters.
  • Incense, Fragrance & T-Lights
    Give a divine start to the New Year by including these Incense sticks & T-Light Holders during your Pooja for a soothing fragrance. We also have some great Diffuser sets to spread a great aroma in your house. It will keep your spirits high throughout the day.

So go ahead and visit now.


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