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Happy Sundays – Spreading Happiness!

We are brewing something very special at The Bombay Store for the past few days! And it’s time now to let it all out and tell you what are we doing to make your Sundays happier!

We are bringing in a complete family excursion at The Bombay Store soon! A ‘Sunday’ that will be filled with events, workshops, exhibitions, photographers and many more activities specially designed to make your day happier!

After our enthusiastic and infectious initiative for creative start ups – ‘Launchpad’, we are taking The Bombay Store to an altogether different level with ‘Happy Sundays’

So not only can you visit us and have a really great time, but if you like challenges and are excited to showcase your skills; you can join us in this mission of Spreading Happiness.

All you have to do is visit Happy Sundays!

Happy Sundays App Promotion

Enter your contact details and let us know which out of the below are you interested to join Happy Sundays as:

  • Blogger
    Passionate about writing? Cover our event in your blog & share your experience at Happy Sundays with others!
  • Photographer
    If your eyes click when you hear photography, this is the place to be! Not only can you capture this Sunday of Spreading Happiness, but also give memories to different families by clicking portraits.
  • Artist
    Showcase your artistic skills like Handicrafts making, Dancing, Singing, Music and many more. We are sure you will go back home with the contentment of spreading smiles.
  • Exhibitor
    Exhibit your best work at The Bombay Store. Because customers would love to shop from some quirky, kitschy, funky and jazzy items.
  • Workshop
    Give the participants an enjoyable and enriching experience as you pass on your inquisitiveness about learning something new to them.
  • Others
    If we are missing out on a talent that you have & would want to showcase, register on the app and write a message about your brand in the message field.

Once done, all you have to do is hit the ‘Submit’ button.

If you wish to be a part of this bandwagon, Register now at Happy Sundays. Don’t delay, because good things may not always come to those who wait.

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