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Enjoy Monsoon with The Bombay Store Umbrellas!

The two most awaited things in the month of June – ‘Rain showers’ & ‘The Bombay Store Umbrellas’!

As monsoon knocks our doors, we are sure the first thing that comes to your mind is designer umbrella prints from The Bombay Store!

And this monsoon, we give you an opportunity to display your fashion statement by presenting exquisite umbrellas in myriad hues ranging from quirky to vibrant colours. You can now keep it stylish even in wet weather with our funky and attractive umbrella designs.

Umbrella 2014 Fb cover pic - 12

The new avatars of umbrellas include designs which are contemporary and quirky too. From Peacocks which symbolize monsoon set in the backdrop of colourful mughal motifs, funky Urban Turbans which portray different turban tying styles of India, to vibrant designs showcasing the Indian Skyline; these umbrellas are available in three prints, trendy patterns and vivacious blends of blue, beige, red, green and yellow.

All these designs are available in 2 fold and 3 fold options at a price of Rs.625. Drop in at any of our stores in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore or order online at before the umbrellas stock out.

Let there be no stopping. Take your pick and flaunt a new style statement this monsoon.

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