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The Bombay Store’s Launchpad presents ‘Fabrik & Hues’

Continuing our pursuit of bringing you a new Launchpad brand every month, this month we have on display ‘Fabrik & Hues’.

And we have decided to add various hues to your shopping experience with their wide range of hand block printed designer bags.

‘Fabrik & Hues’ offers an exquisite range of handbags with the true artistry of block printing coupled with vibrant hues and exuberant patterns. Inspired by the charm and elegance of floral motifs, mughal bootis and coordinating stripes; this product range is printed and manufactured in Jaipur.

Their beautifully designed bags made of fine cotton fabric will add a touch of elegance to your personality.

This exclusive range is available at our store upto 23rd March. So don’t forget to drop in and experience some ‘Royal Hues’.

Venue: The Bombay Store, Fort, Mumbai
Display Date: 9th to 23rd March 2014


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