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The Bombay Store’s Holi!

Wish to celebrate the festivity of colours like never before? We at The Bombay Store are just doing that. This Holi we are indulged in the celebration in a different style by showcasing the diverse ‘Colours of India’ at The Bombay Store!

Come and experience these hues with us at

Colours of Comfort

Colours of Fashion

Colours of Aroma

Colours of Reminiscence

Colours of Expression

Not only this, we also present to you our range of Organic Colours “Rang Dulaar” to let you celebrate holi the skin-friendly way. Our ‘Holi Specials’ also include some must-haves for the occasion of Holi.

Jubilant Serveware that would Jazz up your Holi Party!

Get our range of Wellness products that includes Body Wash, Shampoos, Khadi Soap, Facewash and undo the damage of colours to your hair and skin.

Raise a toast to Bhaang in these quirky mugs because a Holi celebration is certainly incompletely without Bhaang!

So, go ahead and make a move! Explore the fascinating world of colours with us at

Make this Holi a special one! Wishing you a Holi coloured with joy, sprinkled with laughter and filled with warmth!


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