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Diwali Special Contests

The festival of all festivals – Diwali; is just around the corner. Diwali always ensures keeping us occupied with its big list of interesting to – do’s before arrival: House cleaning, preparing sweets, buying gifts, shopping; and a lot of other activities. To make this Diwali more interesting for you, we are here with two Diwali contests to add that extra spark to your Diwali. Our #DiwaliKiSafai contest and #DistantDiwali contest.

#DiwaliKiSafai Contest:
This Diwali let’s come together and clean the house of all the old unnecessary items we have. Pick your broom and make some noise for #DiwaliKiSafai. All you have to do is – Clean your house to throw away the maximum junk, Click a picture of the items you are throwing away and post it on our Facebook wall with #DiwaliKiSafai and your post number. The contest has already begun on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 and ends on Wednesday, October 30, 2013.

Contest Details:

#DistantDiwali Contest:
Many people are away from home on Diwali for work/study and hence miss out the chance of celebrating Diwali with their family & friends. If your loved ones are also away from you this Diwali, participate in this contest and tweet to us @thebombaystore saying why we should send your loved ones a ‘Diwali gift’ using #DistantDiwali. With the wide reach of this Contest, you can now send a Diwali Gift to your loved ones across India through us. The contest has already begun on Sunday, October 27, 2013 and ends on Thursday, October 31, 2013.
Contest Details:

So go ahead and participate in these contests and stand a chance to win our exciting prizes.


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