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Launchpad presents ‘Fashion for the Soul’


Our home-grown initiative to help launch young designers, upcoming brands and creative startups is doing phenomenally well. We have so far nurtured and promoted over ten young brands, under the banner of ‘Launchpad’.

This week, we invite you to come and indulge yourself in some soulful fashion, as ‘Innersip’ and ‘Indian Kala’ showcase their latest and best sellers at our flagship store in south Mumbai located at Fort.

‘Innersip’, is an apparel brand with a sombre and beautiful collection of t-shirts, for those who think ‘intuition’ is the creative force of life. Their designs are inspired by spiritualism, emotions and intellect.


‘Indian Kala’ is a fashion jewelry brand that respects and encourages the rich Indian art heritage and wishes to keep alive the culture of handmade artifacts in India. Their vibrant collection is bound to mesmerize every girl and take them to a new realm of beauty.


Come to our Fort store, between September 17 to 28, 2013 to shop for enhancing the beauty of your soul and to help these brands make their mark in this big world of fashion.

You’re also invited to the ‘Raaga-n-Roll’ hosted by Innersip, at our Fort store on the evening of 20th September, from 5 to 8 pm where you will get serenaded by the classical tunes of flute and the rhythmic beats of the tabla. So, see you there!


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