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Hum Tum & Monsoon

The trendy, quirky umbrellas of ‘The Bombay Store’ always manage to create a big noise among the young fashion enthusiasts like you. Just like our other collections, our umbrellas too are bright, arty, colourful and trendy.

They are a huge hit in the umbrella market every year and get sold out as soon as they hit the stores. To keep up with this popularity, we bring to you Hum, Tum & Monsoon to more of you excited about these famous umbrellas.

As we endearingly call them ‘The Bombay Store Ki Chhatri’, thanks to our fans the collection has managed to become a popular name across social media platforms. Fashionistas are buying the umbrellas to match their wardrobe, to make a style statement and recommending it to their BFFs as well.

To return the love, we give you a chance to win these cool umbrellas for free. In ‘Hum, Tum & Monsoon’, the essence is the things we like doing during the rains and the people who make it special for us. Long drives, street food, paper boats, all of that and more.

Umbrella app Fb cover

Check our cool app on Facebook wherein you can TAG your friends or name the things which complete the monsoon experience for you. Once you fill in your answers, it gets posted on your page and your friends get a notification.
Try your luck now, while you still have a chance. Click

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