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Soul Works @ The Bombay Store


We at The Bombay Store, have never felt so fulfilled as today. Our Launchpad initiative has given us the single most greatest joy and sense of accomplishment, than any of our past endeavors.

As you know, we are inviting young and start-up brands to sign up at ‘Launchpad’ for a chance to showcase their creations and merchandise at our flagship store in Mumbai. These brands get the opportunity to deal with our elite clientele, while we help promote them across all our digital media platforms.

‘Soul Works’ is the fifth brand to be launched by us. This humble brand, the brainchild of artist Karima Dawoodani, believes in the power of positive energy and vibration. Their unique specialty is the tiny portable temples for homes, offices and gifting. They also specialize in beautiful dream-catcher feather earrings to give you a glamorous look. We’re hosting an evening of ‘Art and Conversations’ on 1st June from 4 to 7.30 pm, where you can get a FREE ‘Soul Message Reading’ and WIN some free gifts too.

Drop in to cheer them and view their gorgeous collection anytime from May 28 to June 5 at The Bombay Store, Sir PM Road, Fort, Mumbai. 

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