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The Summer ‘Print-O-Mania’


As the sun is shining at its brightest, it reminds us to put away the dark and dreary colours of winter and embrace the sunny shades of summer!

Just like your wardrobe needs a seasonal change, your home too is looking forward to dazzling with the latest neon colours & kitsch prints that are taking rounds of the fashion scene.

To give your home a quick makeover, bring in some new cushion covers, stash away the floor rugs and may be add a wind-chime or two at the window frame to let in the bright sunlight & gentle winds.

Our new cushion covers, inspired by regional Indian art and modern designing use bright fluorescent colours, retro motifs, abstract designs to please the sensibilities of the modern day fashion arena.

The collection consists of different designs based on monuments, vintage Royalty, floral motifs and other elements that are intrinsic to basic Indianness.

Now, as you get ready to host house parties with lime coolers and chillers, dress up your home too for the mood!

(This collection is available at ‘The Bombay Store’ – PM Road, High Street Phoenix, Inorbit Mall Vashi)


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