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Women’s Day – Celebrate the spirit of shopping!!!


This Women’s Day, The Bombay Store is celebrating women and their love for shopping. Ladies, pamper the diva in you with our irresistible offers!

Offer # 1 is for those girls who love funky jewelry. Get a FLAT 40% off on our stylish floral necklaces, earrings and more. Flaunt your beautiful necklines and add urban chic to your dresses with these trendy pieces.

If you plan to drop in at our stores and get carried away while shopping for new clutches, handbags, slings, scarves, home décor and more, Offer # 2 is the thing for you. Shop for Rs.3500 or more and get a FREE set of cushion covers.

If you are our loyal ‘Shukriya Select’ member, then there’s Offer # 3 which will be waiting for you, in your SMS inbox. Simply show the SMS to avail the offer.

Hope, we have tripled your reasons to celebrate. Now, shop on!


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