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Mughal-e-Awzome : Royalty at its best!


When the royal Mughal family travel through time to visit the present day Mumbai, they become ‘Mughal-e-Awzome’.

A timeless collection of fashion accessories and tableware, inspired by the artistic motifs and patterns of the great Mughal era, set against the backdrop of modern day Mumbai.  You will find, vibrantly coloured royal couples, royal horse carriages etc. set across a contrasting, monochromatic setup of the streets of Mumbai.

Imagine the great Mughals at the iconic places in Mumbai like The Gateway of India, Marine Drive, street shops, chai walas, local bus stands et al.

You can add a touch of contemporary art to your Home Décor with these jazzy cushion covers and wall décor frames. Or even bring a taste of royalty to your kitchenware with coffee mugs, coasters, and shot glasses with beautiful designs from Mughal art.


For the fashionistas, we have a range of designer laptop bags, I-pad covers, coin pouches, hand bags, messenger bags and more, to add glamour to your daily wear.


You can browse through and buy this collection online at The Bombay Store – Mughal-E-Awzome


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One thought on “Mughal-e-Awzome : Royalty at its best!

  1. Thanks For The Information! Useful For Me 🙂

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