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Ethni-cities of India!!!

The Diverse Indian Communities showcased by The Bombay Store


The Bombay Store is dedicated to showcasing India in a ‘new light’. As the tagline goes – Discover a New India, this time the highlight is the rich ‘cultural diversity’ of India. A vast variety of religions inhabit the different states and regions of India and each of these ‘Indian Communities’ have their unique cultures, festivals and specialties.


These ensemble represents the four corners of India- the Bengalis, the Punjabis, the Maharashtrians and the Tamilians, having their own peculiarities which they stand for.

The Punjabis are known for their frivolity and their catchphrase ‘Chak de Phatte’, while the ultra- modern Parsis believe in living a ‘Majja ni Life’. The Bengali folk are particularly famous for their unique pronunciations and hollers like ‘Babumoshai’ and the simple Tamilians are known for their silk attire and greeting – ‘Vadakkam’.


These beautiful caricatures are adapted on a colourful range of home décor and personal accessories like shot glasses, coffee mugs, i-Pad pouches, tote bags, shopping bags, folders, coin pouches and more.

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