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Handicraft from ‘Bidar’



It comes with a silver lining! 

The Bombay Store and Art, go hand in hand. It is ‘Art’ & ‘Craft’ that add the essence & spirit to the otherwise mundane life.

The ancient craft of ‘Bidriware’ is a flourishing art form in the Bidar region of Northern Karnataka since the 5th Century. ‘Bidriware’ has a distinctive texture and luster on its surface because of the ‘soil’ that is used to ornament it. This soil is collected by the artists from the interiors of the ancient ‘Bidar Fort’, that has not received rain or sun-light for centuries.

One can beautify their homes with a variety of vases, paan boxes, pots, decanters & more from this collection. This exquisite craft has impressed the royalty since years due to its intricate nature and painstaking process of making it, surely you will like it too.

This striking combination, of a jet black surface etched with bright ‘silver’ inlay work, gives the Bidriware an exceptionally attractive & austere look, which promises to give your living room antique feel. View Collection Here

Available at ‘The Bombay Store’

Mumbai- PM Road & High Street Phoenix

Bangalore- One MG Road Mall






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