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WRITERS’ Paradise, The Blog a thon – An Aftermath!

We recently launched our newest store in Bangalore with a huge fan fare on social media through a Blogging Campaign. It helped us connect to the fans in a manner acceptable to them.

‘The Bangalore Blog-a-thon’, was dedicated to all the writing lovers. The campaign was split in two phases, the first being a qualifying round. Here the bloggers were given 3 topics to choose from and flaunt their writing skills. The blogs were judged and four wordsmiths stood out of the lot. They were shortlisted for the final round.

Four young bloggers- Hrish Thota, Pranita Mehta, Rakhee Shamihoke & Disha Shetty, armed with their pens & cameras and the will to create a writing history, took a tour of our newest store in Bangalore, situated at the sprawling 1 MG Mall. The store staff guided them along and solved their queries. The bloggers took pictures to support their blogs.

The results were overwhelming. The blogs were a reader’s delight and spoke oceans about their expertise at writing and their fondness for the brand. They wrote about the ambience of the store, the unique feel of the merchandise, the display and more. Choosing the winners was a tough call, but the best came shining out- Hrish Thota & Pranita Mehta.




To be inspired by the shortlisted blogs, please visit the following links-

1. Hrish Thota’s Blog

2.<a href="“> Pranita Mehta’s Blog

3. Rakhee Shamihoke’s Blog

4. Disha Shetty’s Blog


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