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Say it with The Bombay Store… “I Love India”

 The Bombay Store has once again paid a tribute to the rich Indian heritage & culture by imbibing its varied art forms in their latest range of products.   

The intrinsic Indian art is known for incorporating its rustic folk, vast regional diversity and rich cultural heritage, rendered through lively vibrant colours.

The latest ‘I Love India’ range of accessories brings to light the different elements of India. It is a testimony to numerous forms of art cutting across an array of genres. The themes chosen this time are Katputlis, Kites & Madhubani Paintings which are traditional Indian art patterns but with a contemporary twist.


The ‘Katputli’ inspired collection bears the quintessential logo of a ‘Rajasthani couple’, painted in vibrant colours.

In India, kites too are painted & treated like a work of art. The ‘Kite’ range etched with brilliant patterns, come to life because of a wide colour pallet.

‘Madhubani’ is a traditional style of Indian paintings that depicts nature and natural objects like the sun, moon and a lot more. The Bombay Store’s ‘Madhubani’ collection finds its way through vivacious symbols of birds, fish, the sun and a cow, all sketched along with eye-catching geometrical patterns giving it a fresh graceful look. 

The ‘I Love India’ range now available at The Bombay Store-

Mumbai– PM Rd, Inorbit Vashi, Inorbit Malad & High Street Phoenix, Domestic Airport; 

Pune – M G Road & Marketcity;

Bangalore – 1 MG Road.


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