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Shukriya select—loyalty program for our beloved customers!

You know we firmly believe in the thought that “Our customers are; therefore, we are.” We strive to better your shopping experience with us in every way. Hence, we have the “Shukriya Select” loyalty program for you, wherein you can avail of discounts and privileges. In Shukriya Select, as a loyal customer you can avail of personalized offers! Not only that, you can avail of 5% discount on all your purchases, and  To top it all, you get exclusive previews of our sales and promotional offers and invites for other promotional events!

The best part of this loyalty program is our special Birthday Offer! Based on your date of birth you are entitled to a discount so you can avail of 31% discount on your purchases during your Birthday month! Good things really never end for Shukriya Select members. J Shopping just gets happier for you!

All you need to do is enroll by filling in the online form on or just walk in to any of our stores, give your mobile number and register. Your mobile number is your identification for being a member of SHUKRIYA SELECT. You don’t need to carry any card to avail of your membership benefits after you register. Of course, your first purchase, after registration, should be of Rs. 3000. After that, you can avail of 5% discount on all your subsequent purchases and the other bonanzas galore awaiting you!

So, wait no more! Sign up for Shukriya Select, and be one among the privileged few.

Happy shopping! J


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