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Coffee, tea, chocolate and spices… read and indulge with the exclusive range from the East India Company


– The Bombay Store introduces limited edition of The East India Company books-


The East India Company, epitomized by British colonial rule in India, has come a full circle in the hands of an Indian, Mr. Sanjiv Mehta.  The all-pervasive existence of The East India Company, in every aspect of life on the Indian sub-continent has dominated history books for centuries. Today, the Company continues its evolutionary journey – still exploring, discovering, learning and connecting. It is now making its first foray back to the subcontinent with the launch of a series of books detailing the history and trade in tea, coffee, chocolate and spices exclusively at The Bombay Store.

This series of alluring four books explores the history lavish stories and varieties of tea, coffee, chocolate and spices authored by Antony Wild, historiographer of the recently re-launched East India Company. Regarded as one of this country’s foremost experts on tea, coffee and spices, he has thoroughly researched and captured rich aromas of tea, coffee and spices in this series. These limited edition books are a perfect collector’s item or gift for a patron of good food.

These books will be available at The Bombay Store, Mumbai PM Rd, Mumbai Domestic Airport Pune MG Rd, Bangalore Indiranagar and Goa. You can also purchase these books at

The East India Company’s special books are available at Rs.445 per book and Rs. 1499 for a combo pack including all four books.


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