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Lord Ganesha now endorsing and teaching Yoga at our stores……


The Bombay Store launches terracotta idols of the most worshiped Hindu deity – Lord Ganesha in a different avatar. This innovative range of products called ‘Yoga Ganesh’ come with a fun and young approach, teaching different yoga asanas to keep you healthy and fit.

 These cute and adorable idols are available in beautiful colours and share the benefits of various asanas including Bhujangasana, Pavanamuktasana, Trikonasan, Urdhva Dhanurasana, Padmasana, Janushirhasana, etc that help in relieving stress and fatigue and also providing mental stability. These idols come along with a brochure specifying steps to perform different yoga postures that will provide a healthy body and a healthy mind in order to lead a good life!

 So make yourself healthy and fit with an inspiring and educative range of Yoga Ganesh idols available at all outlets of The Bombay Store


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